User Awareness Training

Improve the Cyber Hygiene of your Workforce
The ‘cyber hygiene’ of all individuals is important in the battle against the ever-increasing cyber threat. The cyber attacker will always look to exploit an ‘opportunity’ to deliver their attack and one of the most basic methods of establishing this opportunity is through an email connection. Our user awareness training is designed to provide all employees, from board level downwards, with an ongoing appreciation and education of information security threats, attack methods, tips and techniques on keeping information safe.

Instructor Based Training
Our instructor based training is designed to provide more depth and detail than standard e-learning packages. Our team of cyber specialists share real life experiences and examples of the latest cyber attacks and threats, techniques used and how to stay cyber safe within the workplace and at home. We offer both entry level and follow-on training packages, both designed to be interactive, with demonstrations and group exercises.
Executive Level Briefings
Our team of cyber specialists can provide executive level briefings, designed to be delivered at board level to cover topics specifically applicable to each client. Topics will include cyber threats, organisational countermeasures, cyber certifications and information security compliance.We conduct an annual phishing exercise, crafting and issuing a plausible email to all staff. Results will be closely monitored and our report highlights any issues and training needs within the business.
Scenario Based Planning
Scenario Based Planning is the ideal vehicle to articulate and explain the high-levl impact and type of cyber treats and attacks. Our Scenario Based Planning is an interactive workshop session that details the most likely cyber attacks that could occur against an organisation.

We provide all training materials and user guides for your staff.

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