Training and User Awareness

80% of all successful cyber attacks are the result of human error. Cyber attackers will use the path of least resistance to breach network security measures which is why it is so important to make sure that all employees are cyber aware.


Onsite Training

Tailored and interactive instructor-based training by cyber specialists to increase employee awareness, organisational cyber hygiene, improve compliance and reduce risk.



Easy to use, certificated and flexible online learning to increase cyber awareness and reduce risk across an organisation.


Email Phishing Campaigns

Phishing emails are perceived as posing the biggest cyber threat to UK businesses. CSA’s Decoy service tests your teams ability to recognise and respond to such attacks.


Exec Awareness and Planning Workshops

Interactive workshop to educate organisations executives and senior team members on the growing risks associated with cyber security and non-compliance. The workshop will enable organisations to develop and plan an effective cyber security program.