Threat Protection - AppGuard Zero Trust Endpoint Protection

AppGuard should be on every Windows system in the world.”~ Bob Bigman Former CISO, CIA

AppGuard should be your first and main line of defense in an increasingly dangerous cyber and human threat environment.

~ Mark Kelton Former Dep. Dir. Counterintelligence, CIA

AppGuard is completely different from traditional cybersecurity solutions. It’s not anti-virus, it doesn’t detect and respond, it simply PREVENTS all attacks at the kernel level and it prevents everything; zero day, memory scraping, code injection, weaponised documents, etc.

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Adaptive Policy Enforcement

Blocks applications from performing suspicious processes, but allows them to continue performing normal actions, using patented containment, isolation and inheritance technologies.

AppGuard Enterprise

AppGuard Enterprise is a centrally managed host-based endpoint protection solution that prevents malware and all advanced attacks from harming the system. Utilising Adaptive Policy Enforcement (APE), it blocks attacks without having to explicitly recognize the attack. Alternative solutions ONLY succeed when they recognise the attack, needing constant signature updates and are vulnerable to zero day attacks. AppGuard’s zero trust space policy and isolation and inheritance policy blocks applications from performing suspicious processes while allowing them to continue performing normal actions. AppGuard agents run smoothly for months or years without policy updates, regardless of app updates, patches and other changes.

AppGuard Server

AppGuard Server is a zero trust host-based endpoint protection agent for Windows and Linux servers, centrally managed from the same system as agents for laptops and desktops. Unlike alternatives that must quarantine and restore a server at any indication of possible malice, AppGuard Server allows mission critical Apps to safely run safely until a scheduled maintenance window, even if suspicious processes has elevated privileges. AppGuard footprint is 10 to 200 times lighter than alternatives in terms of CPU, memory, install size, and network bandwidth.

Zero Trust Controls

Adaptive containment, isolation, and other controls block malware’s intended actions. Malware recognition is unnecessary, which is where alternatives fail.

No Dependency on Patches

Blocks harmful actions from any risky applications. AppGuard auto-adapts to app changes, making it a lifetime protection against exploit (zero days too), SQL injection, and other attacks.

Set & Forget

Agents run months to years without policy updates. There are no alerts for Sec-Ops personnel to triage/respond. Attacks are blocked in real-time before remediation needed.

No Performance Impact

AppGuard is 10-200 times lighter than alternatives in terms of computing power usage, making it ultra-lightweight protection that performs better than resource-consuming alternatives.

App Protection & Resilience

AppGuard’s patented controls protect critical apps and their resources from the rest of the endpoint, enabling safe operation by containing malicious processes.

Blocks Advanced Attacks

AppGuard blocks the most advanced attacks, shutting down malware, ransomware, app exploits, remote executions and other sophisticated attacks by stopping malicious processes before they start.

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