Threat Monitoring, Detection, Protection and Reconnaissance

According to Gartner, investigating unreliable alerts wastes two-thirds of IT staff’s time while actual breaches go undetected an average of 146 days. CSA have a team of highly skilled and professionally certified Cyber Security Analysts working from our Security Intelligence Operations Centre near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. This team provide threat intelligence monitoring and reporting services designed to mitigate cyber risk.


Threat Monitoring and Detection

Security breaches often go undetected, creating a ticking time bomb inside an organisations defences. Our threat monitoring and protection service identifies and alerts on suspicious activity so vulnerabilities can be addressed immediately.


SOC as a Service

Larger organisations often find that having their own Security Operations Centre (SOC) is expensive to set up and run. CSA offer the option of a full time or out of hours managed ‘SOC as a Service’ providing a flexible cost-effective alternative.


Threat Reconnaissance Reports

Our reconnaissance report service identifies information freely available on the Internet and the dark web which can be exploited by potential cyber attackers. Early identification allows recommended remedial action to be taken; thus, reducing risk.


Threat Protection

To complement its threat monitoring capabilities, CSA is both a re-seller and Managed Security Service Provider for the AppGuard Cyber Protect Capability. AppGuard is a ‘zero-trust’ software capability that blocks all malicious software from infecting your end device and servers.