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Cyber Security  Assessments

Our Security Assessments workacross People, Process and Technology. Ranging from a questionaire to Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing. Let us help your organisation to find vulnerablities and fix them before an attacker does.

Continuous Protective Monitoring

Borderpoint is CSA's Continuous Protective Monitoring (CPM) solution, combating real time cyber threats. Borderpoint provides active secuirity monitoring of your IT systems, analyses how they are used and assesses any security incidents as they arise on a 24/7 basis .

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Foresight is CSA's Cyber Threat Intelligence service. Foresight provides you with an understanding of your internet fingerprint by identifying what infomation is openly avaliable to any potential attacker. An open source intelligence assessment will reveal the potential ease of social engineering threats and vulnerabilities, and expose how vulnerable you are your key personnel would be to the internet  based attack methods (spear phishing, spam, web-site Malware)

Data Protection Advisory

Helping businesses and organisations to understand their obligations to the Date Protection Act and also the upcoming Goverment Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

User Awareness Training

Our user awareness training is designed to improve the ‘cyber hygiene’ of your employees using our cyber experts and range of training methods.

elearning Courses

Our elearning courses can be accessed via our online portal. They are designed to provide a basic and advanced level of training to any number of personnel. We will be able to provide accurate statistics on the number of users enrolled, their progress and results.

Email Phishing Campaigns

Decoy is CSA's email phishing campaign. Our Phishing exercise will test and validate your organistions defences from both a technological and people aspect. Phising exercises can also be used to validate your organisations user awareness training programme.



Information Security Executives

Although most organisations can afford to employ Chief Infomation Officers, Chief Infomation Security Officers and Chief Technical Officers, we appreciate that financial constraints can often restrict the employment of such specialist positions.

Audit & Risk Advisory

Identifying and advising organisations on Cyber Risks and the auditing of controls and processes. Including third party supply chain audits.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO/IEC 27001:2012 is the international standard that describes best practice for an infomation security managment system (ISMS).

Specialist Research & Development

Bespoke Cyber Security Research and Development into multiple areas within Cyber and Infomation Security. Providing SME input into both Commercial and Goverment programs.