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No one needs to convince senior executives that a strong cyber security information strategy is of vital importance to businesses. Recent high-profile security breaches have reminded everyone of the need to be diligent about security. And the significance of enterprise networks, systems, applications and information to the day-to-day operations of organisations makes protecting those IT assets a high priority.

Understanding your cyber business risk is central to ensuring compliance with existing and future cyber legislation and regulations. Our assessments and cyber technical enhancement are fully aligned to the requirements and compliance against the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard (the Global Cyber Security Standard).

Yet despite the need for robust security, many companies find themselves unprepared for cyber attacks. A recent report from IDG Research Services shows that many organisations lack confidence in their ability to sufficiently provide information security. The study also shows that many companies are not taking advantage of available tools, much less integrating the technology so that it works with their network security solutions to detect and block attacks. They also lack the ability to quarantine once they’ve been hit. Finally, organisations are taking too much time and too many steps to discover and mitigate breaches.

We’re pleased to provide a useful series of free cyber security information documents from third parties.

10-steps-to-cyber-security IASME Cyber Essential Scheme
Small business guidance Internet Security Threat Report 2014
2016 State of Application Security HP Cyber Report
HP Detailed Cyber Report Applicability of ISO27001 by industry
Room for Improvement Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016

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