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By 2020, there will be 50 billion connections to the Internet. Technology and electronic information will not only dominate the business world on a global scale, but it will underpin our whole fabric and way of life. Cyber security is already a global phenomenon and is much more than just an IT issue, it is now part of our everyday lives.

Businesses and organisations in the 21st century need to be confident that they can operate securely, with customers that have assurance their personal data is secure. Cyber Security Associates recognises that with a heightened number of daily cyber attacks, it is critical for businesses and organisations to understand that hard-earned trust, reputation and commerical viability are significantly compromised during a single cyber incident.

Cyber Security Associates can help clients understand their cyber threats, strengthen their resilience and build strong security business cases. We can offer a team of Cyber Security Consultants using both UK HMG (ex-Military) and Commercially experienced specialists all holding security clearances offering a large range of services.
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Our Services
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Cyber Security  Assessments

Our cyber security assessments are tailored to each client and will help identify potential threats to your business or organisation....

Continuous Protective Monitoring

Borderpoint is CSA's Continuous Protective Monitoring (CPM) solution, combating real time cyber threats...

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Detect and respond to threats that are outside your normal working environment with Foresight. Using State of the art analytics, CSA have developed Foresight to provides you with a comprehensive analysis....

Email Phishing Campaigns

Decoy is CSA's email phishing campaign. Decoy will  test an organisations boundary protection as well as allow any security programme to baseline an organisations employees awareness....



Data Protection Advisory

The EU GDPR becomes enforceable on 25th May 2018. CSA has developed a number of bespoke consultancy services that will help clients to understand what is required to control and process personal data under this new regulation.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is the only international auditable standard for information security management systems and provides independent assurance that an organisation complies with legal, statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements bearing sensitive information....

elearning Courses

Our elearning courses can be accessed via our online portal. They are designed to provide a basic and advanced level of training to any number of personnel. We will be able to provide accurate statistics on the number of users enrolled, their progress and results.

Information Security Executives

Although most organisations can afford to employ Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers and Chief Technical Officers, we appreciate that financial constraints can often restrict the employment of such specialist positions....

User Awareness Training

Our user awareness training is designed to improve the ‘cyber hygiene’ of your employees using our cyber experts and range of training methods.

Audit & Risk Advisory

Understanding your business risk is central to becoming compliant to legislation and regulations. An assessment and road-map to improve individual corporate cyber policies will nurture and strengthen a culture of business and individual security....

Specialist Research & Development

Conducting research and development on both capabilites and products to identify security vulnerabilites.....

Our Research and Development
Cyber Security Associates strives to be a leader within the growing cyber industry, and is fully committed to using its capabilities, knowledge and experience to expand the development of this important field. Our team is constantly discovering and developing innovative methods that will provide capabilities that can protect the public and private sector against the cyber threat. Our dedicated research and development objectives form a key component of our mission statement and longer-term objectives, where our team of cyber specialists continually look for new ways of defeating the cyber threat.

What We Do

We provide expert cyber security advice for businesses and individuals