eLearning Partner Program

“Users have a critical role to play in their organisation’s security and so it's important that security rules and the technology provided enable users to do their job as well as help keep the organisation secure. This can be supported by a systematic delivery of awareness programs and training that deliver security expertise as well as helping to establish a security-conscious culture.”

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), 10 Steps to Cyber Security

The CSA eLearning partner program is designed to provide partners with a partner branded suite of eLearning courses to promote to their customer base. CSAs eLearning courses offer a time-efficient option to increase information security awareness across an organisation and to demonstrate industry good practice.

Designed and developed by CSA’s qualified information security practitioners to provide either a basic or advanced level of training. Statistics can be provided on the number of users enrolled, their progress and results. On successful completion of each course candidates can print a CSA accredited certificate.

CSA offer different partner options and generous discounts, please get in touch to discuss the eLearning Partner Program.