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Understand your Organisations 'Cyber Hygiene' with Decoy

Poor education and user awareness of the cyber threat can often be the easiest way for an attacker to gain entry into a business. By providing cyber training and continual education on operating safely within a cyber context to your staff, you will reduce the potential of attack through social media, internet browsing and routine emails.

Our email phishing campaigns have been designed to test and understand the overall “cyber hygiene” of an organisation’s workforce. Our interactive and non-invasive approach provides any organisation with accurate metrics and follow-on remediations.

Standard Phishing Campaign Exercise
Our standard phishing campaign is designed with an objective of gaining an employee’s trust and interaction with a non-business related email. Each client will have the ability to choose the most suitable framework and content for the email to make it appear as genuine and plausible as possible. Our real-time reporting framework will provide a comprehensive view of the results obtained from the campaign, to detail both areas of strength and those needing improvement.
Advanced Phishing Campaign Exercise
Our advanced spear phishing campaign is designed to be targeted against specific teams or individuals within each client. We will work directly with the client in producing targeted email campaigns, designed to encourage more specific user interaction. Each scenario will be directly related to the work environment of the client to provide realism and plausibility and will be constructed on-site with the client directly. This type of campaign will always be conducted in a controlled environment under the supervision of a nominated client point of contact. Normal business operations will not be impacted by the campaign.
Campaign Reporting
Our reporting template is designed to provide visual and usable metrics. This will enable each organisation to understand how the campaign developed over time, delivering accurate results that can then be used to promote or consolidate better user awareness in the workplace.

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