CSA designed the Cyberdea™ Zone to provide a safe and friendly training environment to encourage cyber security education through collaboration and teamwork.

Cyberdea™ provides a cyber working environment that can host up to 24 students to participate in facilitated CyberPi Project workshops, Cyber Offensive training sessions or Cyber Defensive training sessions. Cyberdea™ offers the opportunity for students to be exposed to cyber technologies and principles that would not normally be available within their own educational environment.

Cyberdea™ can deliver the following sessions:

  • Cyber Defensive Session: Our Cyber Defensive session will fully immerse the students into a simulated protective monitoring environment where they will learn the basic fundamentals of a Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) capability. The main aim of the session is to show students how to identify vulnerabilities and attacks as they happen. Additionally, the session will examine the mitigation measures required to stop the attack and how to prevent future attacks from occurring.

  • Cyber Offensive Session: Our Cyber Offensive session will fully immerse the students into the mindset of a cyber attacker where they will be taken through the reconnaissance, analysis, penetration and exploitation phases of a cyber attack.  Using our simulated and virtualised environment, a number of realistic networks and scenarios will be available to attack. These range from a small business network to a large school or university network. Bespoke network designs are also available upon request at an additional cost.

  • CyberPi Projects Workshop: Our Cyber Pi Projects workshop has been designed to provide students of all ages with the ability to create a number of Cyber Security, STEM and IoT projects all based around the Raspberry Pi. The session will allow students to build a number of projects from our complete range on the Cyber Pi Projects website under the guidance and assistance from our Cyber Security Consultants. As part of the workshop students will have the opportunity to discuss and start to develop their own Cyber Security or IoT project.