Continuous Protective Monitoring


Combat the Cyber Threat with Borderpoint

Continuous Protective Monitoring
Continuous Protective Monitoring (CPM) combines industry leading intrusion detection with an advanced Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) system tailored to meet the security needs of the SME market. Our CPM capability delivers a holistic security service solution, normally expected for only the largest of organisations, delivered at our UK based Security Intelligence and Operations Centre (SIOC). 
BorderPoint Light
Borderpoint Light - Agent based real-time monitoring of host activity. The Borderpoint agent collects events from individual hosts and forwards them to our SIOC where events are correlated and analysed for anomalous activity. By harnessing both threat intelligence and human analysis, Borderpoint Light is able to detect and alert to malicious activity in near real-time and provide automated monthly reporting, making it ideally suited for a micro business.

BorderPoint is a fast lightweight agent with one click installation.

Our alerts are automatically dispatched by email or text message.

BorderPoint can be scaled to meet your organisations need.

Monthly executive reports will cover all incidents and events that are discovered within the monitoring environment.

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