CSA become Industry Supports of the National Cyber Security Centres Cyber Schools Hub Initiative

Cyber Security Associates (CSA) are now industry partners for the new Cyber School Hubs in Gloucestershire. The Cyber School Hubs aim to use cyber security to:

  • Encourage a diverse range of students into taking computer science

  • Support students throughout the course

  • Develop new content and resources to be made widely available for teachers

Cyber Security Associates (CSA) is both delighted and honored to be working alongside the NCSC and the Cyber School Hubs. As a specialist Cyber Security company offering a range of cyber managed services to the commercial market, CSA recognises the importance of employing a knowledgeable and specialist workforce.

In developing as a company, CSA hopes to inspire, excite, educate and employ young people, and recognises the importance of the Cyber Schools Hub in realising these goals.  CSA pride themselves in inspiring and providing opportunities for young people. We frequently offer work placements and work experience to students and fully immerse them within our cyber managed services and cyber projects.

By working alongside the NCSC and the Cyber Schools Hub, CSA will be able to share our extensive skills, knowledge and experience to excite not only the young people directly but also through the projects we have developed. We hope we can make cyber security engaging and stimulating, but also provide young people with an academic understanding and possible future career path.