Tremendous Taylor and Ready for Cyber Ross

This week we have had another pair of fantastic students – Taylor Watson and Ross Williams fro Newent Community School! As with all work experience students, we provide a role for them where they are fully involved in the Cyber Security Associates (CSA) services and projects. We make sure they are given projects that contribute to CSA, but most of all tailor these to suit their talents and interests.

They would be perfect for any cyber organisation, and we totally endorse their work effort and their skills. They are both friendly, skilled and likeable young people, who will have a lot of doors opened for them in the future.

So what did they up to with us? Well…


This week I have done a large variety of things in the field of Pen testing. At the start of the week I did the E-learning online course where I found out and revised the current laws in the world of computer science and IT. I learned about the computer misuse and GDPR. I also went over to the other building on Wednesday and I went through potential phishing sites with Ross. Thanks to the help of Alex and Guy I was able to get all of the required tasks done such as:

  • Making a project

  • Going through previous projects (Wifi Pumpkin and WiFi Jammer)

  • Using both Raspbian and kali Linux distributions

I have learnt a lot this week and enjoyed all of it. Along with the help of my friend Ross Williams with his guide editing skills. I was able to complete and enjoy all of the tasks that came in my direction. I will take a lot from this experience and it will help for the future. I have also gained a lot of insight for my future thanks to the people inside CSA. They helped me understand career paths and what I would need to do to achieve my goal.

  • If I could start this week again, I would ask more questions and take advantage of the resources that were there. I would not be scared of getting something wrong in the projects.

  • If I had more time I would go through all of the Raspberry Pi Projects because they all look very interesting.

  • I have enjoyed the whole week because of how far I think I have come far and made a lot of progress. This is all thanks to Alex and Guy.

  • I don’t there is anything that I have not enjoyed at CSA. The thing that I enjoyed the least was the E-Learning but it was still very useful in my opinion.

  • The thing that I struggled with this week was getting the Tor Proxy project working because there was a problem with the network connectivity.


Monday: I met the team at the CSA and then got to work completing a eLearning task to test my knowledge in computing, after that i got to work making a rouge access point using a software called wifi-pumpkin to create a wifi hotspot that logs your information when you connect to it.

Tuesday: I went through some projects on the CSA website to test if they work and then in the evening started planning an idea for my own project that will be added to their website for schools to use, make and learn from.

Wednesday: I went to the CSA’s other building to meet the analysts, there job is to scan through websites to look for threats, they gave us the task to make a phishing site. So I made an amazon login page to logs your information when you enter your email and password. At 12 I left the second building and returned to the first, I had a good conversation with guy about the legality of an app im making and the way to advertise it legally.

Thursday: Me and Taylor made the guide/instructions on how we made the project so schools know how to recreate it. later on in the week i hacked a cloud pet teddybear to record and replay a conversation.

  • I’ve worked with Tay. Alex and Guy have helped us both and taught us lots about the work here.

  • If I could start again I would focus more on learning terminal and working as a team.

  • I've enjoyed everything at the CSA, the best bits were getting our project to work and output the MAC address’s to the terminal.

  • The parts i’ve struggled with is remembering what commands to run in the terminal without the written down information

James Griffiths